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Holly's Christmas Recipe Guide

Holly's Christmas Recipe Guide

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Are you prepared to enjoy the festive season without derailing your health goals? We've partnered up to share our favorite holiday recipes and treats to help you plan your Christmas Day Feast in a way that's both delicious and mindful.

📜 What's Inside?

  • Mouthwatering holiday recipes for your Christmas feast.
  • Tips to stay on track this holiday season.
  • How to be accountable without sacrificing your favorite treats.
  • The importance of quality over quantity when indulging.
  • A guide to avoid going back for seconds.
  • Choosing your beverages wisely to stay on course.

🥗 Stay on Track with Macros If you're following a flexible dieting approach with your own macro targets, we've got you covered. Learn how to set yourself an allowance for your most important meal of the day, like Christmas Day lunch, and plan your other meals accordingly.

🍽️ Quality Over Quantity Don't waste your calories on foods that don't truly delight your taste buds. Choose the ones you truly enjoy, and make every bite worth it.

🍷 Select Your Beverage Carefully Stay accountable and make wise choices when it comes to your beverages. Alcohol can add extra calories and impair decision-making, so plan ahead to avoid Christmas weight gain.

🎅 Start Preparing Your Feast Ready to make this Christmas special and health-conscious? Grab Holly T. Baxter's  to start preparing your very own simple, delicious, macro-friendly Christmas Day FEAST! 🍽️

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