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The Contest Prep Recipe Guide

The Contest Prep Recipe Guide

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Discover over 150 original recipes from the kitchen of Holly T. Baxter, a trusted authority in the world of contest preparation and fat loss diets. In this captivating new book, Holly has meticulously crafted a collection of recipes that promise to elevate your dieting experience to new heights.

Holly's culinary genius knows no bounds as she takes your all-time favorite indulgences – from pizzas to decadent cakes and juicy burgers – and reimagines them to seamlessly integrate into your contest prep regimen. She's also generously shared her own personal favorites, which have served her well during her contest prep journeys.

But this book isn't just a treasure trove of delectable recipes; it's a comprehensive guide for those new to flexible dieting. Holly provides invaluable insights and guidance on navigating the principles of this approach, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to make your dietary journey a success.

Furthermore, Holly doesn't stop at recipes and diet tips. She empowers you with the knowledge to calculate your daily energy requirements, tailored to your unique goals. This book is your ultimate companion on the path to achieving your contest prep and fat loss objectives.

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